Food product concepts for producers, brands, retailers.

We develop ideas for products, optimize their production technology and help you introduce them into the market.
Cheese-based convenience products

Our wide expertise in dairy products allows us to create new forms and tastes, optimized for full-scale production.

fried cheese sticks, breaded cheese, temperature resistant cheese patties

Plant-based meat alternatives

More and more consumers are searching for animal and planet-friendly products and we help companies cater to this demand.

plant-based burgers, vegan meatballs, vegan crab cakes

Functional milk drinks and desserts

We develop tasty and convenient products that bring out the best of milk with additional technological advantages.

flavored powdered milk, high-viscosity milkshakes powders, high-protein whey concentrates

All that & more

We’re open to new challenges and will happily help implement your ideas - or provide you with ours.

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